Stoeger have only recently started producing striker-fired semi-automatic pistols but they are already positioning themselves as one of the top choices for those in the market for a reliable new handgun. Their latest offering, the Stoeger STR-9S, doesn’t disappoint. This excellent combat pistol comes fitted with a number of high-performance features like a threaded barrel, high suppressor sights, and a slide that is optimized for extra optics.  

Stoeger weapons are known for their durability and high-quality production. The Stoeger STR-9S is no different in this regard. With a reinforced polymer frame beneath a tough steel slide, the gun has been crafted to be as robust as possible. Its excellent construction quality also extends to the internals with a reverse recoil spring system to prevent any damage from occurring to the components when the weapon is fired. The safety features on the gun are very impressive and include three safeties that have been optimally placed for the best protection. A firing pin block prevents anything accidentally triggering while particularly strong internals protect against another major risk of handgun failure, your own negligence. 

The 15 round double-stack magazine with a +2 baseplate gives you a lot of ammunition in one package. It also comes with an additional magazine and a durable holster, so it’s ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box. The trigger pull is reminiscent of that found on many pistols these days but has been perfected for smoothness regardless of your grip style. The grip is comfortable and allows you to get a firm hold on the weapon. It’s also easy to shoot with accuracy due to its sights being attached directly to the receiver of the gun, so they are never affected by recoil. 

The 4.17-inch barrel gives you a lot of accuracy for your shots. The gun is also very light at just 30.4 ounces, making it easily portable when needed and easy to hold steady for accurate shooting. 

The integrated rail gives you the ability to mount a flashlight, laser sight, or other weapon attachments. You no longer have to modify your gun, you can simply fit the attachment of your choice on this one. Additionally, the threaded barrel at the end of the slide makes it possible to add a suppressor or other muzzle device.

Maintenance is easy thanks to the disassembly button on the side of the gun. Simply press this and you can take apart your weapon to clean, service, or replace any broken parts. The Stoeger STR-9S comes with a 5-year warranty from Stoeger Arms so you know it’s built for long-term reliability. 

The Stoeger STR-9S is a great handgun from an established company that offers many benefits for a low price. Although they are not traditionally known for making handguns and you may recognize them for their shotguns, the STR-9S is one of the most reliable pistols on the market right now. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to get into the world of handguns or even seasoned shooters who are looking for a new handgun for their collection.