We all know that times are tough and probably going to get tougher. Every bite of food you produce is a bite you don’t have to purchase and that’s a big deal in this economy. But what about folks with small spaces, who don’t have good soil, who have mobility issues, or who live in an apartment?

We’ve got you covered with our new course, the Urban Agriculture Comprehensive.

And a quick note – we’re not saying you can provide all of your own food on a balcony. We’re saying you can produce some of your food regardless of your living situation.

Urban Agriculture Comprehensive

These 9 lessons will help you produce your own food, no matter where you live and what your limitations are. Set up a garden on your urban lot, balcony, or patio and become more self-reliant.

You’ll gain access to gardening printables, videos, and comprehensive written classes to make your small space the most productive possible. This course is also good for those with mobility issues to create food production that doesn’t require as much bending and digging.

Now is the time to supplement your diet with homegrown food, no matter where you live. Get ahead of the learning curve today!

Course Overview

  • Lesson 1 | Garden Overview and Planning
  • Lesson 2 | What to Plant
  • Lesson 3 | Soils
  • Lesson 4 | Nutrition and Watering
  • Lesson 5 | Garden Maintenance
  • Lesson 6 | Pests and Diseases
  • Lesson 7 | End of Season Harvesting
  • Bonus Lesson | Composting
  • Bonus Lesson | Hydroponics

Grab your course this weekend for the introductory price of $79. The sale ends May 22 at midnight and after that, the price goes up to $149.

Buy it here.


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