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Have you ever thought about growing mushrooms to add to your small-scale food production? You don’t have to buy the fancy kits. You can cultivate both medicinal and culinary mushrooms just about anywhere you happen to live. Apartment? Big city? Out in the boondocks? Mushrooms can be yours and we’ll show you how!

As mentioned above, mushrooms can be grown anywhere. They’re tasty, highly nutritious, and healing, depending upon the varieties you choose to cultivate.

Research on the healing properties of various medicinal mushrooms is skyrocketing. Not only is this research showing great promise for debilitating mental health problems, but also for a variety of other health concerns as well. Imagine being able to grow this powerful medicine yourself, in any location! As shortages continue, we may one day have to rely more on home remedies than prescriptions.

You’ll get 15 lessons, 3 videos, and transcripts that show you exactly how to cultivate mushrooms and how to select which ‘shrooms will work best for your purposes.