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Vista Outdoor has announced the CCI brand of ammunition will feature easy-to-pour cartons for three of their rimfire offerings.  CCI will be currently offering their easy-to-pour cartons for their VNT and Maxi-Mag lines in .22 WMR, and .17 HMR cartridges, packaged with 125 rounds each.  TFB’s Miles briefly covered this at the 2020 SHOT Show, and the representative said that the cartons would be collectible with a variation of different varmints printed on each carton.  CCI’s press release can be seen below:

New CCI Pour Packs hold 125 rounds of Maxi-Mag or VNT. The new products are now available: 22 WMR 30-grain VNT, 17 HMR 17-grain VNT and 22 WMR 40-grain Maxi-Mag Jacketed Hollow Point. Shipments of this new product have begun to arrive at dealers.

Maxi-Mag JHP ammunition provides the precision and all-around performance for a wide range of shooting and hunting, while VNT’s thin jacket and polymer tip offers accuracy and explosive expansion on impact. The convenient cartons pour easily for high-volume shooting at the range or in the field. When the fun’s over, they’re easy to reclose until your next shoot.


  • Convenient 125-count convenient, easy-to-pour cartons
  • Containers can be closed after use
  • VNT offers both long-range accuracy and explosive terminal performance
  • Maxi-Mag JHP provides all-around precision and power in the field or at the range

CCI ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide or purchased online direct from CCI. For more information on all products from CCI or to shop online, visit

CCI easy-to-pour cartons

Below you can see the part numbers, loading info, UPC and MSRP:

Part No.    Description                                                              UPC                         MSRP
929CC      22 WMR 30 grain VNT 125 count                           6-04544-65562-9     $42.95
920CC      22 WMR HP 40 grain Maxi-Mag 125 count             6-04544-65561-2     $36.95
923CC      17 HMR 17 grain VNT 125 count                            6-04544-65563-6     $41.95

CCI easy-to-pour cartons

For CCI’s full product line, you can view their website HERE, or visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.

What do you think about the easy-to-pour carton concept for rimfire ammunition?  Will it be handier than plastic boxes or canisters?  If you’ve had a chance to try the easy-pour cartons, feel free to tell us your preference in the comments section.

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Doug E

Doug E

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