Wilson Combat Next Evolution AR9X

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These billet-machined aluminum receiver models also accept standard AR-15 accessories like furniture, charging handles, buttstocks, and optics, and incorporate an integral trigger guard and flared magwell for fast reloading.

The Wilson Combat® AR9X closed-bolt blowback operating system is soft shooting and reliable with a wide variety of 9mm loads and exhibits flawless feeding with all common pistol bullet shapes, including hollowpoint and +P tactical ammunition.

The AR9X bolt hold open ensures reliable lockback on empty with your pistol’s factory magazines. The AR9X proprietary bolt carrier group with heavy-duty claw extractor and plunger ejector is tuned for exceptional reliability.

The AR9X is also an optimized suppressor host with minimal gas blowback and enhanced accuracy over other designs. Wilson Combat® carbon steel match-grade button-rifled 1-10” twist 9mm barrels ensure that the AR9 meets our stringent quality and accuracy requirements.

Available as the ARX carbine or the ARPX pistol variant with a supplied arm brace, the AR9X series elevates the AR9 platform to the next level of performance.

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