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TETRA devices are the most advanced hearing technology ever offered to outdoor enthusiasts, and are specially designed for hunters, by hunters. The founders are also hearing doctors having the highest expertise in sound and hearing technology.

“We know and understand that turkey hunters need to hear in order to be successful in the turkey woods,” said Dr. Bill Dickinson, TETRA CEO. “Detecting and locating that distant gobbler can mean the difference in filling your tag or going home empty handed. While AmpPods enhance the sounds of the game you’re in pursuit of, we also designed them to shut off immediately suppressing the gunshot to protect your hearing when it’s time to take the shot on that gobbler you’ve been listening to.”

TETRA’s hearing devices feature patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO). STO is the world’s first hearing technology that isolates and enhances the exact frequencies needed to improve hearing for your specific hunting environment. STO accentuates gobbles, yelps, clucks and purrs for turkeys; barks and bugles for elk; and grunts, bleats and footsteps for deer while keeping other sounds at normal, natural levels.

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