N8 Tactical FLEX IWB Mag Carrier Accommodates Multiple Magazines

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For concealed carriers looking for a magazine carrier capable of handling a multitude of mag styles, N8 Tactical just released the FLEX IWB Mag Carrier. The innovative design handles multiple magazine sizes from single-stack 1911s to double-stack, compact handguns.

N8 Tactical FLEX IWB Mag Carrier

Bult on a leather form, the FLEX IWB Mag Carrier comes with a three-layered, patented backer. It provides full coverage of the carrier to maximize comfort and eliminate pressure points. Easy to conceal, the Mag Carrier changes with each concealed carry setup. Contributing to the all-day-comfort-war, the Mag Carrier includes a moisture-proof neoprene core. Located between the leather backer and the soft suede backing, it protects the firearm from sweat and body oils. Additionally, it offers a compression cushion.

The FLEX IWB Mag Carrier accommodates multiple magazine sizes and styles. It keeps pace with your change in carry gun choices, according to N8 Tactical. Whether you pull a Glock 17, an XDM, SIG P365 or the new Springfield Armory Hellcat, the FLEX IWB Mag Carrier has it covered. The carrier eliminates the need for a drawer full of mag carriers.

For more information, visit n8tactical.com.

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