Bond Arms Makes Masks to Protect Local First Responders

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Bond Arms, the Texas-based gun maker, is best known for its small yet powerful personal protection pistols. While their town and county are under a “shelter in place” order, Bond Arms, listed as an “Essential Business,” remains open. Bond Arms is in the personal defense business, and now that includes defending against the COVID-19 virus.

Gordon Bond, President of Bond Arms, couldn’t find barrier masks for his staff to use in the shop, so he asked a couple of locals to sew cloth masks they could use in the interim. These cloth masks solved his immediate dilemma, but he knew the mask shortage was a big problem for everyone right now. He decided to order cloth masks with the Bond Arms logo on it to give to his customers, first responders and anyone else needing a protective mask. They anticipate the delivery of these masks later this month.

Meanwhile, Gordon talked with a friend about this project, and his friend told him about a high school using a 3-D printer to create plastic respirator-style masks with a replaceable filter element. Gordon, along with staff from another high school from Granbury, visited the 3-D printing high school. They liked the idea so much that now all three locations are making as many masks as they can. Bond Arms bought two new 3-D printers for a high school and three more printers for the Bond Arms shop. In total, each high school has six 3-D printers, and Bond Arms has four 3-D printers. Printing masks is a slow process. The high schools make about 96 masks per day on 12 printers, and once Bond Arms is in full production, they’ll make about 48 every day. Bond Arms and the schools donate time and materials for the masks. Gordon notes that with the limited production, they’re barely able to meet the local needs for these in surrounding a 30-mile area.

With demand rapidly outstripping the supply, Bond encourages others who want to join us in this project to email him at He is happy to share what he has learned and help get you started in the right direction.

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