Welcome to the Asylum! Dead Air Silencers Appreciation Gift

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Dead Air Silencers recently extended a kind thank you to loyal customers with no strings attached. This exclusive thank you includes whole hosts of exciting loot just waiting for you, the faithful Dead Air patrons. They give their social media announcement as follows:

Thank you to our loyal customers. If you’ve purchased at least two of our silencers, we have some special Dead Air swag for you not available anywhere else. As your Dead Air collection grows, so will your gifts. We call this group of loyalists the Asylum, and there are three tiers. Which one are you?

Now all you Dead Air fans out there are probably asking yourselves “What do I need to do to receive this awesome gift?” Simple, first you would need to be an owner of two or more Dead Air Silencers and the second step is as easy as visiting the Dead Air Silencers website and scrolling to the bottom of the webpage and then clicking the asylum link. From there you go through a little bit of verification and then bingo!

No catch, no gimmicks. We just want to say thank you to our loyal customers.

Dead Air makes it fantastically easy to claim your tier title as the mention below:

If you own more than two Dead Air silencers, you are already an Asylum member, but we may not know it yet. To verify your membership simply send an email to the address below and follow the instructions carefully. Each tier receives their own unique set of swag, so don’t forget to let us know when your collection grows! Just follow the same instructions.

Subject line: Asylum
Proof of purchase: Attach copies of your Form 4’s or receipts showing your serial numbers. (You do not need to wait for your forms to clear) Please, do not zip or compress your files.
Contact info: Be sure to include your first and last name as well as shipping address.
Shirt size: If you own five or more of our silencers, please include your shirt size (M-3XL).


As you read in the quote at the beginning of the article, there are three tiers and going from tier one to tier three they are as such:

If you are one of the unfortunate few like myself that only own one Dead Air silencer or even those who own none at all but plan to, we are simply out of luck but at the very least have the chance to join the loyalist bunch at any time in the future should we choose to add a Dead Air silencer or two to our collection. In the meantime, Dead Air offers plenty of swag on their websites online store for anyone out there that feels like they are missing out.

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