SAR USA is the exclusive U.S. importer for all firearms and ammunition products produced by Sarsilmaz of Istanbul Turkey, a company that has been making guns since 1840. Their quality control standards are so high that they produce some amazing weaponry out in Istanbul with small arms like pistols to machine guns and sniper rifles.


The Turkish gun manufacturing industry was established more than 100 years ago when it became mandatory for citizens to own firearms as part of their military service obligations under Ottoman rule (1826-1934).

Research and Development

The continuous investment into R&D, technologically advanced equipment, and expanding product lines have resulted in the company being able to produce outstanding pistols and shotguns for customers in around 78 countries including the Turkish military, NATO members as well as law enforcement agencies.

SAR Compact

The SAR Compact with a 9mm aperture provides a balance between miniature and full-size pistols. Small enough to carry, but still offers full-size capacity. 

“The SAR9 Compact was inspired by feedback we received from consumers, distributors, and elite shooting professionals,” said Todd Pearson, director of US operations for SAR. “When the shooting community asked for the same incredible durability and performance as the SAR9 is a more compact version, we listened.” The Compact uses a hammered barrel with a recessed-style crown. Interchangeable straps and side panels provide a custom fit.

At the same time, 17-round and 19-round magazines are standard. The hammer launch platform uses a lightweight polymer frame. Finally, a low barrel shaft to grip the ration and a 20-degree grip help control recoil. 

New SAR9 Optics Ready

SAR Optics Ready follows the hot trend of red dot sight pistols. The new handgun, SAR9 Optics Ready, is based on the popular SAR9, which is used by NATO troops and elite troops all over the world. The SAR9 has always been a reliable and ergonomic pistol. That is, until now! 

The addition of the slide-mounted red dot optic enhances their reliability by providing you with an easy-to-use site that’s already factory zeroed for your ideal shooting distance – whether it be close quarters or far away targets. The new optical-ready SAR9 can help these first-time shooters acquire targets quickly, which makes finding the target easy. 

It features 11 brightness settings so you can find just the right light setting in any situation; no need to re-zero when changing batteries either as this bad boy comes equipped with a side-loading battery tray instead of one on top where other optics may block its line of sight.

The SAR9 Optics Ready Pistol has a 4.5-inch hammer-forged barrel. Interchangeable straps and side panels provide customization. The black oxide slider, polymer frame, and strike system provide a familiar platform. The magazine has 17 rounds and 19 rounds capacity, with a 10 rounds mag available on request. The low-caliber shaft and 20-degree grip angle help the shooter control recoil. 

Finally, a smooth safety trigger helps the shooter get the maximum accuracy from the weapon. The price of each weapon is about US$800.