About Sturm, Ruger & Co Inc

Sturm, Ruger & Co Inc is a leading manufacturer of reliable and rugged firearms, designed for commercial sports. The Ruger brand provides consumers with nearly 800 variations, across 40 product lines. The Ruger company is on a mission to provide innovative and quality firearms to the market. One of the latest product additions is the new Ruger American Pistol Competition.

Ruger American Pistol Competition

The new Ruger American Pistol Competition has plenty of awesome features, including:

  • Fiber optic sight at the front and serrated target sight at the rear.
  • A grip system and a trigger reach that will fit different hand sizes (small, medium, large).
  • A steel chassis, including fire control housing and integral frame rails.
  • Features a striker system, (pre-tensioned), for powerful ignition without the pull of a heavy trigger.
  • Safety features including a sear block system and trigger safety.
  • Features a 5-inch competition barrel, including a slow twist for improved accuracy.
  • An inspection port (to confirm whether the chamber is empty or loaded).
  • The new handgun has an ‘MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail’, using this point you can mount standard lasers and lights. (Ruger American, 2021).

The new Ruger America Competition model fuses components of a standard pistol with special features. According to Guns & Ammo, these special features are, ‘intended to appeal to IDPA, IPSC and USPSA shooters.’ The Ruger American Competition is a semi-automatic, a striker-fired gun with a polymer frame. All pistols in the range have a heavy- spring, and a striker (pre-tensioned). The result? Gun users get reliable and consistent primer strikes. The Ruger American Pistol Competition has a 6/5 pound trigger pull, and a reset of around .2inches.

What’s special about the Ruger American Competition Pistol?

Gun enthusiasts will just love the barrel, slide, and chassis, all of these have a weather-resistant finish in black nitride. You’ll find that both removal and installation are different from your standard polymer pistols. The Ruger American Competition uses a cam system, (as opposed to a pin in the base grip). You’ll notice a space in the grip module that holds the cam. To unlock, gun users can use the Torx wrench included with the gun.

So what else is special about the Ruger American Pistol Competition? Well, one great thing is that the controls are ambidextrous, (if you’re a left-handed shooter you don’t need to disassemble the handgun to switch the magazine release or the slide). The slide stop is pretty large, and simple to maneuver. You’ll find that the takedown is easy, simply rotate the lever to release your barrel, spring, and slide from the gun frame.

When you’re choosing a new handgun it’s advisable to get one from a leading manufacturer. Ruger American can provide plenty of high-performing firearms, including the new Ruger American Competition Pistol. Before you choose a gun it’s important to perform research and assess the kind of gun you’re looking for.