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Our Photo today is very clean. It’s a picture of the SIG Sauer P320 with serial number 58H1000000. Not only the serial number makes this gun unique. As it’s the one-millionth P320, the grips are hand-cut in granite and the high-gloss polished surface finishing has some 14k gold inlays.

The P320 is a modern, modular pistol made by SIG Sauer (Exeter, New Hampshire) and SIG Sauer GmbH (Eckernförde, Germany).

Here’s SIG Sauer’s description of this special semi-automatic pistol:

In 2019, the SIG SAUER P320 reached a historic milestone when the was created.

To celebrate, SIG Custom Works created this one-of-a-kind P320.

Featuring hand-cut granite grips to commemorate it’s birthplace in New Hampshire the “Granite State”, scroll engraving with 14k gold inlay, an all metal high-gloss polished frame, and a unique serial number #58H1000000.

SIG SAUER thanks all of the individuals who made this historic milestone possible!


One-Millionth SIG Sauer P320

One-Millionth SIG Sauer P320

Which SIG Sauer P320 model is your favorite?

Personally, I’m quite tempted to run the P320 X5 Legion with Optics in practical shooting competitions.

You can find the selection here: https://www.sigsauer.com/products/firearms/pistols/p320/


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