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Photo Of The Day – As a petrolhead, I was of course instantly attracted by the white Lamborghini Aventador V12. I’ve never really considered a private jet, but I hope I’ll be able to own an Italian V8, V10 or V12 some day. What about the firearm? That turned out to be quite interesting as well. It’s the JJR-HRT from JJ Rock Co. from Phoenix, AZ, with a Trijicon riflescope on top.

They are priced from $5,500.00 and come with a 1/2 MOA or better guarantee if you use match grade ammo. The rifle has a changeable bolt head for easy changing of calibers and barrels. The bolt heads and locking lug Inserts are machined from high-strength aerospace alloy, then nitride finished. The bolt heads can be swapped in less than a minute without tools, and are are available in both standard and magnum bolt faces.

From JJ Rock Co’s homepage:

Covert Rifle System, paired with the Eberlestock Cherry Bomb Pack, designed to stay discrete and still have the ability to rapidly deploy a Covert Rifle System.

Below: The JJR-HRT with a Spuhr ISMS mount.


From the specification:

Action: JJ Rock Co. JJR-SA. The action uses the same footprint as a Remington Model 700 action.

Barrel Type: Match Grade Stainless Steel Barrel, Threaded,

Caliber: 7.62×51mm NATO

Barrel Length: 14″ (16″ For Non-SBR Configuration)

Additional Lengths/Twists are available.

The chassis is a Cadex Dual Strike Folding Chassis and the trigger is a Timney 510 with safety.

There’s a long list of upgrades available.

You can find JJ Rock Co. in the link.

What do you think of their Covert Rifle System?

Personally, I love it. It’s quiet, it’s short yet still accurate, it’s got a laser or two, it’s collapsible and easy to store and manages to steal the show in front of a Supercar and a Private Jet.

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