POTD: Russian-Pakistani Forces in “Friendship-2018” –

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Looking at the picture above, I think this is a locally produced Pakistani version of the Russian DShK mounted on top an M113 Armored Personnel Carrier. These photos show the final stage of the joint Russian-Pakistani exercise “Friendship-2018”, and they are part of today’s Photo Of The Day.


M113 Armored Personnel Carrier vs. Brick Wall 1-0.


Photos taken by a photographer without fear.

ARs and AKs in an interesting combination. The location of the red dot is interesting on its own, but usually good for CQB fighting.

It seems the Russian soldiers got safety glasses.

Below: If it doesn’t look safe it probably isn’t…

Below: I am uncertain if the body was part of the plan or an accident. Hopefully, everyone got away unharmed.

Pictures: Russian Ministry of Defense.

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