POTD: M4s Reach Iraqi Special Forces –

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(Sgt. Robert Douglas)

Soldiers with the Qwat al Khasah, the Special Forces of Iraq, were recently photographed unloading boxes of new M4 carbines at Camp Taji, March 25, 2020. The Qwat al Khasah, Iraqi Special Forces, are part of Operation Inherent Resolve, the fight against Daesh. They are a key part of the Inherent Resolve’s efforts to interrupt Desh operations in order to continue the further stabilization of Iraq.

The M4 carbines being unloaded are Remington R4’s made by Remington Defense. The rifles were likely produced and procured as part of the July 2018 Foreign Military Sales contract awarded to Colt, Daniel Defense, FN and Remington.

Here are some more photos, taken by US Army photographer Sgt. Robert Douglas, of the Qwat al Khasah unloading the two trucks full of carbines:

(Sgt. Robert Douglas)

(Sgt. Robert Douglas)

(Sgt. Robert Douglas)

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