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Photo Of The Day and we go to the training grounds of Węgorzewo in Poland to see some hot and smokey training in cold-air temperature. The soldier above probably has a FB Beryl with an EOTech sight.

I remember doing similar training as a conscript when we weren’t busy mixing our own Napalm or marching or skiing long distances.

Have you ever tried running with full gear and a gas mask?

15 Giżycka Brygada Zmechanizowana

On April 2, 2020, soldiers preparing for the mission are being trained in Węgorzewo
Despite the low air temperature prevailing on the training ground in Węgorzewo, the atmosphere at the classes of soldiers training for the 7th PKW shift Latvia was hot.

All thanks to the classes of defense against weapons of mass destruction, the subject of which was “Protection against incendiary agents and the evacuation of burning equipment.”

Classes with OPBMR are another important element of training that soldiers must carry out before leaving on a mission. The main purpose of the course was to familiarize trainees with the properties of inflammatory agents, how to use them by the opponent, and the effects of napalm on soldiers.

In addition, soldiers learned how they can protect themselves against napalm and how to eliminate the effects of its use. After giving the instruction, the trainers had to overcome numerous obstacles in a short time, including burning napalm.

Thick smoke, flames, gas mask are just a few obstacles, thanks to which you can also check the psychophysical resistance of soldiers to attack by incendiary agents and prepare for any threat with their use.

Classes with the use of hazardous substances required soldiers to be extremely cautious, as well as the strong involvement of instructors and people responsible for their organization.

Capt. Martyna Kupis

All photos by Bartek Grądkowski.

Source: 15 Gizycka Brygada Zmechanizowana.

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