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About a week ago, our Photo Of The Day article was about the DP-64 double-barreled grenade launcher made by Russian Degtyarev Plant. Today we have some nice pictures of another firearm designed by this company – the AEK-919K Kashtan submachine gun.

AEK-919K Kashtan Submachine Gun (2)

The AEK-919K Kashtan is a blowback-operated select-fire submachine gun chambered in 9x18mm Makarov. The gun fires from an open bolt, has a telescoped bolt, non-reciprocating charging handle, collapsible stock and built-in drop safety. The rate of fire is 1,000 rpm. This SMG is fed from 20 or 30 round double stack detachable box magazines. The barrel has a polygonal rifling and threaded muzzle to allow attaching a suppressor. The dimensions of Kashtan SMG are as follows: length – 355mm (14″) / 500mm (19.7″) with the stock folded and extended; width – 55mm (2.15″); height – 190mm (7.5″) / 240mm (9.5″) with 20 and 30 round magazines respectively. The weight with a 20 round empty magazine is 1.8 kilograms (4 lbs). The AEK-919K Kashtan is used by ground and aerial vehicle crew members as well as special operations units of Russian Military and Law Enforcement.

AEK 919K Kashtan Submachine Gun (4)

Lastly, here is a video published along with these pictures.

Images from www.zid.ru

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