You wouldn’t want your gun to fall in the wrong hands, would you? No, as a responsible gun owner, you surely wouldn’t. The best way to ensure that your gun stays safe and secure is to put it in a safe. What better way to secure your gun than to put it in a Liberty gun safe?   

Liberty Safety Products, Inc. was established in 1988. It has its headquarters in Payson Utah. The company has three popular brands in the market, Liberty, National Security, and Centurion. The Liberty gun safes are affordable and offer unparalleled value.  

The Liberty gun safes come with a lifetime warranty. This keeps customers protected from damages caused by fire or break-in attempt. The manufacturer will replace your safe if there’s any manufacturing defect. The warranty on the lock and finish is of five years.  

Let’s look into two of the most popular Liberty gun safes.  

The Liberty Handgun Vault-HD-100 Quick Combo Vault

If the safe and secure storage of your gun has been bothering you for long, look no farther. The California Department of Justice, a benchmark for reliability, approves this Liberty gun safe. The Liberty HD-100 is a smart and convenient portable safe that you can tuck away into any drawer or shelf.  

The stand out features are a piston-assisted door and a key back up that come handy if the lock stops working. This gun safe locks itself with an electronic combination which makes it truly secure. The model comes with a 2-year replacement warranty which guarantees replacement if there’s any defect found in the safe.

Some Features and Specifications 

  • Piston-assisted opening 
  • Lighter interior 
  • Sturdy steel construction 
  • Tamper-resistant design 
Liberty Handgun Safe

Liberty 9G HDX-250 Biometric Smart Vault

A biometric safe, this model gives you fool-proof security and only you can access your gun. This Liberty gun safe has a biometric fingerprint scanner that can store up to 15 fingerprints.  

This unique gun safe also has an AC power backup that helps if there’s any failure and also a key that lets you access the safe. The key is used only if there’s any fault in the biometric finger scanner. This gun safe has a total interior storage area of 0.22 cubic feet. As such, only small guns can be stored in it.  

What’s more, the Liberty HDX-250 is made with 14-gauge steel that makes it a solid safe. It also has a tamper-resistant design that keeps it secure from any break-in attempt. There are also mounting holes that can’t be damaged without a really large prying device.  

Liberty 9G HDX-250 Biometric Smart Vault

Some Features and Specifications 

  • 15 fingerprint memory 
  • Key back up 
  • AC adapter 
  • Tamper-resistant design 

The affordable range of Liberty gun safes facilitates secure and safe storage of your prized possession. Stay safe, keep safe. Put your gun in one of these safes and sleep like a log. Rest assured your gun is in safe hands.

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