How to Survive the Coronavirus Quarantine in 14½ Steps –

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We are living in very unusual times. Around the world self-isolation and the Coronavirus Quarantine is a reality for many of us and unfortunately the worst may still be ahead.

I am sure that some of our readers are disappointed that there will be no Zombies this time but there may still be some serious challenges.

What we have ahead is more than just a small speed bump in the World’s economy, and we may be looking at something like the Great Depression of 1929 again. The Crude Oil Price is back to levels we haven’t seen since the early 1970’s. In most of Europe and in many places around the World the borders are now closed, or about to close.

Below: A shopping center mid-day somewhere in Europe, week 12 2020. The Apple Store and many other shops are closed, very few people around. In Denmark and Paris, a lot of the shopping malls are closed by law.

When it comes to preparing, think along the lines of “What do you have?” and “What do you need?” and what you “must have” versus what is “nice to have“.

Remember: It’s not safe to hope for the best without preparing for the worst.

Here is a list of things you can do to Survive the Coronavirus Quarantine (or at least survive the boredom):

1) Clean and lubricate all your firearms

Here’s your chance to fight boredom and spend some time with your firearms. Clean them! Lubricate them! Check them for potential problems. Does the extractor work? If not, order a new one. If you own a suppressor. Make sure you clean it as well.

The Suppressed B&T APC-9 Suomi with a Trijicon MRO in a Spuhr mount and cover.

2) Do an inventory of all your firearms.

Bring out all of your firearms and put them on the floor. I do realize this may cause a problem for some of our readers (aka Hardcore Super Owners) and collectors, so just adjust this advice to your situation. Are there any firearms you would consider selling? Perhaps this is the time to get good money for something you never use or don’t like? If you decide to keep everything, or buy more that’s fine too.

3) Do an inventory of all your ammunition and magazines

Again, within reason. If you happen to own the town’s largest ammo depot perhaps you don’t need to do this, but here’s your chance to go through what you have and find out what you need.

4) Chose your primary firearms and keep them handy

You only have two hands, so use your brain. Even if your safe is full it’s not going to help in an emergency, unless your firearm of choice is readily available when you need it.

Here is also where you check your magazines and make sure they are filled-up and in good condition – check those springs.

5) Check your water and food supplies

How long can you survive without help from the outside? You need food, water and energy to make it, and possibly medical supplies. Just make sure your levels are OK. Support your local stores, they are probably having a very hard time. Order online or take-away if you can. Make sure your car(s) are full of fuel.

6) Improve and Reinforce

Check your sights, lasers and devices. Are the batteries new? Is the glass clean? Has your firing pin done 20,000 rounds? Perhaps you should have a spare or two?

Your inventory should have given you some signs. In case you need to reinforce, order online and hope for deliveries.

7) Does your gear fit?

Your plate carrier fit perfectly five years ago when you left the Marines? But now you live on Burgers and Shakes? It’s too late to get fit in a hurry, but make sure the belt and your gear fits. Can you seal your gas mask properly? Does your holster and magazine pouches work?

8) Finish that gun project of yours

If you have a project now is the time to finish it! Or start a new one. Get that gun out of the safe and start working on it. Or start browsing for those future purchases, or shooting classes you always wanted to take.

9) Dry fire exercises

Use the time to dry fire some of your firearms. Work that improvised V Tac barricade like Tactikally in the picture below (and follow her channel).

Turn the lights off and sweep the house with your Night Vision.

For dry fire, here’s a video to get you started: Dry Fire Practice: Handgun Technique – Competitive Shooting Tips with Doug Koenig.

Here’s another idea to improve your skills.

10) Know your Zero – Check your ballistics

This may be difficult if you can’t fire your firearm, but make sure you know your zero. Download a Ballistics App like Strelok Pro and start setting your data up. Prepare some targets and then hit the range if and when you can.

11) Start reloading, sharpen a knife

If you have the components, start reloading your ammunition. If you haven’t, try to source the brass, gun powder, bullets and primers.

Are your knives sharp? If not you probably have a lot of time on your hands, you know what to do.

12) Work out at home

It’s important to move. Don’t sit in front of the computer or the TV all day. This can easily be combined with sweeping the house and dry firing (9). Please make sure your firearm is clear of any live ammunition.

Below: The gym is closed, and who knows when it will open again? Improvise!

13) Beat the Quarantine with the New Forgotten Weapons Playlists!

There are of course other historic & modern gun channels available.

14) Learn the Combat mindset and the Jeff Cooper color code

Study the Cooper color codes, especially YellowRelaxed alert. No specific threat situation. Your mindset is that ‘today could be the day I may have to defend myself‘” and Orange: “Specific alert. Something is not quite right and has your attention.”  If you have to go to Red, what’s your plan? You can find them here.

Below: Are all your magazines filled? Are the subsonics where they should be etc.?

PEZ Magazine

The last half-step is yours, the next move is up to you.

Remember, the quarantine is a temporary situation. Keep yourself updated, fight boredom!

The latest on the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak from WHO can be found here.

Check The Firearm Blog and TFB TV on a regular basis!

Keep moving and get things done!

Don’t hurt yourself as the hospitals may be at full capacity or more already. Don’t call the hospital unless you have to.

During your self-isolation here is a friendly advice: Don’t log into your stock savings account and don’t watch “The Shining“!

Stay safe and take care!

As always, we welcome your input for more things to do during the quarantine. Surprise us!

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