FN Firearms are known for their excellence in the gun manufacturing and weapon systems industry. The company has a rich history of 130 years and it has built upon its legacy to firmly establish itself as an industry leader.

Today, the company comprises of two divisions- FN Herstal, the division for security and defense, which manufactures and sells small caliber firearms and also their ammunition. FN Herstal also designs these guns meant for the defense and security forces.

The other division manufactures and sells firearms, clothing, ammunition, and accessories for sports shooters and hunters. They also have a well qualified and knowledgeable team to design these guns. FN Firearms offers these guns under the Browning and Winchester brands which it owns.

History of FN Firearms

FN Firearms, formally the Fabrique Nationale Herstal has its origins in the small Belgian city of Herstal. It was founded in 1889 for the manufacture of 150,000 Mauser Model 89 rifles. The order came from the Belgian government.

Henri Pieper of Anciens Etablissements Pieper was one of the company’s co-founders. The company formed a partnership with the renowned American firearms designer, John Moses Browning in 1897. There was no looking back since then. FN Firearms made its foray into the motor vehicle industry in Belgium.

The manufacturing of cars continued until 1935. The production of motorcycles continued until 1965 and trucks were manufactured until 1970. FN Firearms was then forced to manufacture the P35 as well as other arms and the Germans overran ammunition for the German army after Belgium during World War II.

The company entered a phase of rebuilding after the war and started manufacturing civilian and military arms of a wide range and variety.

Two weapons made a special mark during this phase. Dieudonne Saive designed both the FN-49, and the FN Fusil Automatique Leger, which gained immense popularity.

FN Firearms adopted its current name, Fabrique Nationale Herstal in 1973 and diversified its gun manufacturing capacity beyond war weapons. The company introduced its well known GP 35 Browning Hi-Power pistol in 1935.

Its production continued till 2017, nearly a decade after Browning had died. FN Firearms is now a major manufacturer of weapons for the US military including the famous M16 rifles.

The Growth of FN Firearms

The company is now wholly owned by the Walloon Regional Government, Belgium. The company has seen major expansion over the years. Today, FN Firearms has manufacturing and sales locations spread across Belgium, Finland, Japan, Portugal, UK, and the US. It has a talented and motivated pool of more than 2,900 people directly employed by the company.

A long history of 130 years in the design and manufacture of guns has made FN Firearms a giant in the firearms industry. With its talented pool of employees, the company has set new benchmarks in technological innovation. The company has a strong foundation it can build on and walk into the future raising the bar of excellence in meeting customer expectations.

FN Firearms stands tall as a company that takes pride in itself. It continues to remain strongly committed to providing its customers with cutting-edge firearms and ammunition. The company has successfully established itself as a strong brand in the firearms industry.

The firearms industry is a constantly evolving one. FN Firearms is well-equipped to meet all challenges with its innovative approach to gun making. The company takes gun manufacturing as a passion and remains committed to total customer satisfaction.

More about FN Firearms

Trusted by the military, Special Forces, and security personnel across the globe, FN Firearms is involved in the manufacture of integrated weapon systems. These are meant for air, sea, and land applications.

They are also into manufacturing remote weapon stations. FN are the manufacturers of the iconic Hi-Power 9mm pistol, the M249 and M240 series of crew served machine guns.

This is despite the fact that Belgium was never a major military power. They have also made other innovations in the design of machine guns giving Belgium a considerable say in world affairs.

The company has also been a leader in the design and manufacture of small arms for many decades now. FN Firearms has also designed and manufactured guns for self-defense by civilians.

The Large Model 9mm pistol made Browning a household name for a pistol that was automatic and compact in its design. FN Firearms faced a temporary slump in its activities and sales after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

FN 9mm Pistol

The Cold War ended as did the arms race, pretty abruptly. While some companies didn’t survive, FN went into reshaping themselves.

While constant innovation remained an effective strategy, another very effective and wise strategy turned out to be the company’s expansion into the large American market. FN achieved exemplary success here with the American military adopting the FN M240 machine gun.

FN Manufacturing was set up in 1978. This entity was to supply the US military with small caliber firearms. With time its products came to be used by both commercial and law enforcement personnel. FNH USA was set up in 1999 with its headquarters in McLean, Virginia. It was to take care of the company’s important and strategic relationship with the US government.

FN Firearms has a major presence in the UK too. It has its manufacturing unit in Slade Green, Kent. The UK headquarters are at Sandhurst, Berkshire. FNH UK has been wholly owned by FN Herstal since 2014.

Into the Future

A proud and successful gun manufacturing company, FN marches into the future. The company looks all set to be in the news in the years to come. The company is well-equipped to continue being a market leader with its talented pool of design engineers.

It continues to organize training workshops that help security and defense personnel hone their skills. As recently as the 14th of January 2020, FN Firearms showcased ‘Defender’ its latest remote weapon station in London. It’s a never-ending march at attaining excellence for FN Firearms.

FN Defender

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