Are you looking for a tactical gun bag that could make carrying your firearms to the shooting range and back easier for you? If yes, then you’re in luck because I’ve just stumbled upon arguably one of the best tactical gun bags out there. Plus, don’t worry if you weren’t looking for one already. Read along to see what it has to offer and decide whether you see yourself using it in the near future.  

It All Starts with the Compact Size 

As soon as I laid eyes on this bag, I knew that my fellow American Civil Heroes would love how compact yet spacious this bag is. Its size makes it the ideal messenger bag that could carry your guns and Everyday Carry (EDC) without any hassle. 

The bag is 34cm long, 7cm wide, and 20cm in height. This compact shape allows you to sling it across your shoulders and even tie it around your waist, to say the least. You could carry your most favorite weapons to the shooting range and never have to worry about going out of space. 

The Storage Space is Worthwhile 

With this bag, you’re never going to run out of space. Period. It comes with one large pocket at the front and one main compartment that allows you to keep your major guns in them without any trouble. At the same time, this bag has two side pockets that are ideal for carrying useful accessories, EDC, ammunition, and whatnot. 

PS. This tactical bag allows you to hold multiple weapons at the same time because of the space it has to offer. It conceals them perfectly and makes you look the most badass shooter on the shooting range. 

This Gun Bag Will Become Part of Your Body

Another amazing feature that I found useful and a must-have for every bag is the adjustability of the strap. You can adjust this bag according to your needs and use it as an extension of your body. Its adjustable strap allows you to sling it across your shoulders or wear it as a duffle bag whenever you require it. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t good with straps. One-click of the strap buckle and you can remove and re-attach the strap whenever you feel like it. Now you might be wondering whether the strap is sturdy enough? I’ve tried it in every possible way and I was astonished at the final results. Sling it, hang it, run with it, fill it with loads of stuff and you’ll still find the strap holding everything together nicely.  

Tact Bag 690x150

The Fabric is Wear Resistant 

Buying a bag is one thing, but a bag that stands the test of time is another! This multifunctional tactical gun bag is crafted from wear-resistant fabric that helps ensure its longevity. Imagine never having to worry about your bag ditching you at the most crucial moments! 

Made from Nylon and the high-quality 600D material, this bag is scratch-resistant, tear-resistant and comes with a higher tensile strength to handle the load. These characteristics make it most suitable for long-term use. And the best part? It doesn’t change color easily so you don’t have to worry about getting a new one now and then. 

Zipper’s Got Some Serious Workmanship

The quality of every bag is judged by its zipper. I had this phrase ringing in my mind while trying out this bag. After repeated use, I can say with confidence that the zipper of this bag sits at the pinnacle of zipper workmanship.  

It opens and closes smoothly, it’s strong and the seam doesn’t open even if you keep loading the bag beyond its capacity. I ran multiple tests and concluded that the zipper of this bag will never let you down in any case

Tactical Gun Bag with MOLLE System

Who doesn’t love some extra space where they can store additional daily use items such as water bottles, other portable bags, and whatnot. The Tactical Gun Bag comes with modular lightweight load-carrying equipment storage that offers more convenience than any other bag. 

This modularity is taken from the use of Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) as rows of high-quality nylon that is stitched onto the vest to allow different pouches and accessories to be attached. It has now become an industry standard and every high-quality bag comes with these compartments. 

Water Resistant Material

Another benefit of this bag that’s worth mentioning here is the fact that it is water-resistant. Imagine carrying around your weapons on a rainy day without having to worry about them getting wet! This bag combines nylon and 600D material to make sure that the equipment inside stays dry. 

Tactical Gun Bag that’s Easy to Carry 

There are high-quality bags that are heavy, then there are the ones that are light and offer the same features as their heavier counterparts. The Tactical Gun Bag weighs only 0.5kg when empty and it can carry a load that’s way greater than that.   

Multi-Purpose Use

This bag is not only suitable for carrying around and storing your weapons, ammunition, and accessories but it also offers flexibility in terms of use. You can use it for any outdoor activity you feel like it. I use it when I go hunting. Maybe you could find another use that fits your particular situation. 

This bag can be your solution for organizing your important items, and carrying your gears around while cycling, motorcycling, hiking, attending sports events, or working outdoors. 

Final Verdict 

Overall, I’d say that this is bag is here to make your life easier. Although I wished for it to slightly bigger, still I haven’t found any bag that compares to it in quality, sturdiness, and ease of use.

When push comes to shove we can’t recommend this tactical gun bag enough. Whether you need a new range bag, gym bag or an EDC bag this could be the answer to all of your problems.

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