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Guns don’t make for a pleasant sight on the streets. You need to conceal them especially when you step out of your home. Concealing a gun during the winters isn’t a problem as your warm clothing hides them anyway. It’s Concealing in warm Summer that’s an issue.   

In summer, you usually go out in shorts and a loose t-shirt. Surely, you won’t be in a jacket or a sweatshirt. That’s why CCW in warm weather has always been a challenge. We share five effective ways of concealing your gun in the Summer months.

1. Wear Loose Clothing 

Do you always tuck in your shirt? No, never! You love being yourself when you’re out for some informal occasion, especially in the summers. 

That’s why CCW in warm weather becomes difficult. The key is to be in shirts and pants that are somewhat loose-fitting. If you were to tuck in your shirt, carrying a gun around your waist would surely show a bulge. Loose-fitting clothes give you enough room to conceal your gun without looking clumsy.  

2. Get a Belly Band 

An effective way of CCW in warm weather is to use a belly band. That keeps your gun compressed to your body. That way, not only does your gun stay concealed, you also have easy access to it. Belly bands are very popular among athletes as they help hide guns even under very thin athletic clothing. They are also washable and come in various waist sizes. 

3. Keep your Gun Off-Body

We understand that this isn’t an ideal choice as your gun isn’t attached to your body. But it’s better than not carrying a gun at all. An effective way of off-body CCW in warm weather is to carry your gun in a purse with a secure internal holster.

It’s very important that you keep a constant eye on your gun and don’t forget it in an unsecured area.  

4. Learn to Avoid Chafing

Chafing must be one of the reasons why you don’t want to carry a gun in the summers. CCW in warm weather while being in loose clothes is sure to cause chafing from perspiration. That’s because you would have your gun close against the body. 

As a solution, you can go for an inside-the-waistband which stays put. Carrying a spare magazine can cause skin irritation. Powders and anti-chafe roll-ons are the solutions.

5. Wear Guayabera Shirts 

These shirts are common in the Southern US, Central America, and the Caribbean. Guayabera shirts have vertical pleats which make them ideal for CCW in warm weather. The pleats make the shirt raised from your body and therefore conceal the outlines of the gun. The lines of the pleat camouflage the gun. As the shirts are light, accessing the gun is easy too.  

Brandishing your gun in public can be scary for the people around you, so it’s best to keep it concealed. CCW in warm weather is easier when you follow the above smart tips and walk out of your house confidently without worrying about the rogue elements in the road.

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