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Photo by Alex Young

First off, huge thanks to Alex Young for allowing us to share his amazing COLT roll die collection. For those of you not familiar with Alex, he is a contributor to the Larry Vickers’ AR-15 book. Alex helped write 22 pages just on the evolution of the AR-15 magazine for Vickers’ book.

Alex posted these photos in a Clone Rifle group since everyone in that group loves cloning COLT pattern rifles. It is important for all to know that Alex is a historian and collector of firearms, specifically the AR-15. These roll dies are solely for education and collection purposes. These holy grails will not be used to make COLT pattern lowers.

Photo by Alex Young

Photo by Alex Young

Photo by Alex Young

Photo by Alex Young


Alex won these in an auction. We all know that COLT roll dies were used to make the markings on the side of the lower receivers but did you ever think you would see pictures of them outside of COLT? I never did.

This has been the most excited I have ever been for buying something! From first seeing them, the auction and until opening the box, this has been a very exciting week!

These went for well over what I thought they were going and I missed out on 2 of the 7 listed: an AR15 government marked one and a 4 position selector marked one.

These have been something that I have been looking high and low for for about 4 years with no one ever seeing or owning one so to have this is truly a honor to be able to own!

I do not know the full story of these nor am I a machinist but these look new so thinking they were reference pieces maybe?

Also note that they are dual level making it a sharper point and making it easier to push the material back with. The markings on top are probably makers marks and one of them is engraved with an initial and then ground off.

M16 roll dies are incredibly hard to find let alone something of this age mainly from the 60’s and 70’s.

I don’t know if anything like this has been shared before but glad to get them and show them to everyone as i know I enjoy seeing items like these.

Edit for the sold listings:

• Colt M16 roll die- $1,525.02

• Colt AR-15 roll die- $1,278.00

• Colt M16A1 roll die- $770.00

• Colt AR-15 Property of U.S. Government roll die- $1,302.77

• Colt AR-15/M-16 lower receiver manufacturer/selector roll die- $1142.77

• Colt ‘Rampant Colt roll die- $553

I am curious how this COLT roll die collection compares to the ones used in COLT’s retro line of ARs. I congratulate Alex Young on his recent acquisition. This is certainly a rare find for a firearms collector and for someone as avid a fan as Alex is about the AR-15 platform, they will be well cherished. Thank you, Alex, for sharing these with the world.

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