IWB or OWB is best for concealed carry?

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Guns are deep-rooted in American society, with many claiming it’s essential for their sense of freedom. There are always many discussions about guns, one of the main questions being what the best way is to carry them. Is it best to have it Inside the Belt (IWB), where it’s concealed, or Outside of the Waistband (OWB), where it’s generally comfortable but can be easily spotted? What factors do you need to consider before settling on which way to carry them? 

While there are various choices of holsters and carry positions for concealing your gun, it’s imperative to settle for a secure and convenient one for you. This article offers you tips for determining the most ideal for various situations.

The IWB concealability

The reason behind concealed carry is to keep your gun hidden until it’s necessary to bring it out. An IWB holster and small firearm are much easier to hide. However, it doesn’t in any way suggest that you can’t conceal an OWB or full-sized handgun. You only require some additional thought and a bit of extra clothing.

Seasonality determines a specific measure of this, as it’s simpler to hide an OWB setup under a coat or jacket. Colder climate takes concealed carry alternatives to a whole new level compared to other options that don’t exist during the hotter months. Except if you live in Florida or some Southwest parts, your closet probably changes with the temperatures, making room for layer expansion that may not be ideal for the summer heat.

Although dressing up for concealed carry during the winter does offer some benefits, it also comes with its challenges. A simple t-shirt or light clothing is enough for covering your small gun, which is easier to conceal since there isn’t much layer to cover it. However, it becomes a different game altogether when you throw in a jacket or coat. Aside from easily concealing your gun, the extra layers offer more cover even to carry a full-size firearm. You can have it OWB provided your outerwear can offer more cover for your holster bottom.

The comfort element of OWB

Wearing the holster outside of the waistband is often more agreeable than sticking a weapon inside your belt. Yet you can now comfortably carry your firearm inside your belt throughout the day and even forget you’re wearing it due to the growing use of leather and polypropylene for the most popular IWB holsters. Indeed, even some straight holsters are designed to offer more comfort and vanish against your appendix or hip.

Your preferred way of carrying your gun determines your comfort level when wearing it. Many people generally opt for the strong side when they have a size that would keep them from carrying in front.  

The appendix is the most common location for slim people, but you may get squeamish with the idea of a stacked weapon directed towards a couple of crucial arteries that you need for life sustenance. Additionally, the barrel can gouge your upper thigh when sitting, which means you may have to adjust it constantly.

Since an OWB holster doesn’t put the weapon inside the pants and in close contact with your skin, a much bigger handgun can be more comfortable carrying around. However, you’ll require more consideration in choosing a covering clothing. An OWB holster is immeasurably more agreeable than an IWB because the carry belt isn’t pulling the whole holster against your softly protected skin. While a few producers add additional cushioning, most IWBs may not be comfortable to carry all day.


Being consistent with your methods is crucial if you carry IWB or OWB. The last experience you’d want is reaching out for your gun during a life-threatening situation only to realize you changed your carry position the other day. Unlike in the movies, gun battles don’t last forever; that second hesitation reaching for your gun, which is not there, can cost you a life or property you’re protecting. It’s practical to maintain the same concealed carry each time and rehearse how you draw and remove your garment cover to master it.


In a nutshell, there are two alternatives for concealed carry – moderately covering your gun for greater comfort or deeply hiding it for moderate comfort. Either way, the decision is purely based on your personal needs. However, you can go for both types to keep your options open. Whatever you decide, the essential thing is to practice your draw regularly.


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