You’ve seen on TV and in old movies when there’s a noise or a break-in at someone’s house the man or the lady of the house reaches into their nightstand for a handgun. While in an ideal world, this may be nice and safe enough but in reality that’s far from the truth. Nightstands, or anywhere out in the open is a terrible idea for placing your gun. Your gun should be hidden away from your children and should be very discreet so even wrongdoers don’t know about it.

Hide Your Gun from Your Kids

If you own a Glock 43X MOS or any other model it’s important to understand safety at home around children. Many gun-related injuries at home are due to children finding the gun and playing with it. Guns should not be around your children at all. Children don’t understand the consequences of handing a gun, therefore lack good judgment on it. This goes for all ages of kids, even teenagers too. There are plenty of methods to hiding your gun from your children, and doing so will keep your family safe. These include:

  • Not storing your gun in an obvious spot such as the mattress, a drawer, or shelf
  • Never store your gun and ammunition around valuables
  • Lock ammunition ins a different area away from the gun
  • Always store the gun empty
  • Hide the gun in a secure area where it’s locked, being out of sight and reach from everyone
  • Be sure the gun and the ammunition are both locked somewhere separately, and the keys are with you at all times

It’s very important to follow all of these, as this will avoid any unintentional fire are deaths and will keep your home safe.

Find the Perfect Storage

You should never leave your gun for anyone to see, this is very dangerous for home invasions and children. It’s important to hide both the gun and the ammunition in areas that nobody can just accidentally stumble upon. Whether it be a new handgun or a Glock 43X MOS, it’s best to have the gun easily accessible to you when needed but still discreet enough to where no one but you can find it. Only you can determine where these two ideal spots will be.

Should I use a Safe?

Safes are usually perceived to be the best choice as no one but you will know the code and will have the key. This is known for being one of the more efficient ways to conceal a gun. Many homeowners will build a gun safe into a wall and then have it hidden behind a painting or mirror. This can be a great way to discreetly hide your new handgun. Another way is to have the safe hidden in the floorboard somewhere such as a closet or basement. Even if someone were to fund the safe, they would not know how to get the goods as there is security.

It’s very important to be creative when thinking of where to hide both your gun and your ammunition as they both need to be separate, but both need to be discreetly and securely hidden.