About B&T

Karl Brügger founded B&T back in 1991. Originally, B&T products were a series of firearms suppressors, sold in Switzerland. Suppressors have been used in Switzerland since sport shooting times in the 1800s. B&T began to manufacture, import, and sell arms for public authorities and the police. The company eventually developed a trading business and started to expand the line of suppressors and firearms. One of the newest guns to be released onto the market is the B&T USA Station Six.

B&T USA Station Six

The B&T USA Station Six is modeled on Welrod pistols from the World War II era. The new Station Six-9 features updated magazines, and a fresh grip, though it keeps the same modest appearance, rotating bolt, and quiet sound signature. It’s a single action gun with a caliber of 9mm and a barrel length of 130mm.

The B&T USA Station SIX-9 is a top new handgun, featuring a manually operated bolt. Due to the integrated suppressor, and the ported barrel, some believe that it’s the ‘

quietest 9mm pistol in the world,’ (Frag Out Magazine, 2021).

The Station Six-9 was developed because Swiss veterans needed a quiet gun, to move sick game or cattle along the roads. The developers wanted to make a pistol that sounded quiet, yet had enough energy to dispatch large animals, quickly! You’ll find that the sound is under 125 decibels (incredibly quiet for a top handgun). It’s simple to disassemble the pistol into three different parts, making transportation easier.

According to NRA, the Station Six, ‘It uses a manually operated rotating-bolt action to chamber and cycle rounds, to avoid the extra noise and weight attributed to traditional semi-automatic handgun actions.’ You can remove the bottom of the grip, (it detaches just like the magazine). These guns are quieter because metal baffles are replaced with rubber wipes.

The Station Six has a button-style magazine and iron sights on the receiver. Users will notice a safety grip located above the backstrap. The B&T USA Station Six is available in two versions, the ‘Station SIX-45 chambered in .45 ACP’ and ‘the Station SIX-9 chambered in 9 mm.

What to look for in a top new handgun?

When you’re looking for a top new handgun be sure to pay close attention to these key considerations:

  • What’s the gun for? (self-defense, sports, hunting, etc).
  • Do you need to complete gun training (beginners may need to)?
  • What are the gun licensing laws in your state?
  • What’s your budget on a top handgun?
  • Which gun company should I purchase from?

When you’re purchasing a new handgun it’s best to choose a long-standing gun brand, with a great reputation. B&T has a wide range of handguns, including the Station Six range. Gun lovers won’t be disappointed with this top-quality new handgun. It’s advisable to conduct plenty of research before you choose the right firearm for you.