The Ronin 10mm handgun from Springfield Armory is the perfect example of classic meets modern. It has a traditional style but still comes with all of the modern features that you expect from a high-quality handgun.  If you want a new handgun that performs well but still has an authentic look, the Springfield Armory Ronin 10mm does not disappoint.

Springfield Armory is part of the legendary group of gun manufacturers that trace their lineage to the company founded by George Washington. Today, they are a subsidiary of the massive conglomerate, Colt Holding Company. 

The Springfield Armory Ronin 10mm has a 5” barrel and weighs 40 oz. The frame is steel with a forged carbon steel slide and alloy grip panels. There are a few different variations in the color of the Ronin, including black and stainless making it suitable for almost any taste. 

The slide, barrel, and recoil springs are nitride coated for durability. The external extractor is beveled to aid in smooth operation as rounds are chambered and extracted while the ejection port has dual lugs to ensure that the case is ejected properly. 

The long trigger and short reset are designed for accuracy and speed, complying with professional standards. The slide stop lever is low profile and well-placed to make it easy to use while firing. 

With all of these features, you would expect this handgun to be heavy but it weighs in at a reasonable 40oz. It is at the higher end of the price range for handguns but worth every penny.

During shooting, the Springfield Armory Ronin 10mm is very accurate and shoots well. The trigger is crisp and the fiber optic front and tactical rack dot rear sights are clear with a good sight radius for accuracy. 

The cross cannon checkered grip is large enough to fit all but the largest hands and feels like it is molded to your hand. The backstrap on the grip allows for tension adjustment as desired, providing a custom fit that never needs adjusting; unless you want to. 

The magazine holds 8 rounds of ammo with the option of using magazines designed for 20 rounds. The trigger can be finger-cuffed so that there is very little movement during firing and this, combined with the low barrel axis allows you to get on target quickly. However, some shooters may find the trigger weight of 6lbs a little heavy. 

The Springfield Armory Ronin 10mm takes after a traditional design but has all of the modern features needed in a high-performance handgun. It feels good in your hand and its performance speaks for itself. 

Accuracy is not compromised with this handgun and it will shoot as well as any other model available on the market today. If you are looking for a new handgun that will serve you well in a lot of situations, this is the one for you. Although some people may prefer a smaller 9mm option for concealed carry, the Springfield Armory Ronin 10mm is one of the best new handguns on the market for fans of semi-automatic pistols.