Proper care for a new handgun such as the CZ P-10S in FDE and OD requires a lot of work and patience in order to keep it in good condition. One of the reasons why even some of the oldest pistols and rifles are in still great condition today is all because of the proper care and cleaning it has received over the years.  While many gun owners are very comfortable and experienced with cleaning their own, it’s understandable for new handgun owners if they’re not. This guide will help you learn more about cleaning your own gun and how to safely do it.

Don’t Forget, Safety First

When you’re cleaning your CZ P-10S in FDE and OD, or any new handgun for that matter, the most important rule is safety. You should always treat your handgun as if it were loaded. Even if you have the safety on and it’s not loaded, you should never point it at your face or anyone else’s. Be sure to always point it down and away when or inspecting it. Always be sure that the safety is on and that the gun is unloaded before cleaning it.

How to Properly Clean Your Handgun

Don’t just assume you know how to clean your new handgun. You should always read through the owner’s manual for that gun model. The manual will explain how to empty the chamber, and how to properly disassemble the handgun. You’ll need a bore brush, as this is used to clean the inside of the barrel. It’s very important to use this specialized brush and not just any small brush because there is the potential in destroying your handgun’s barrel. 

You’ll want to add some solvent to the brush and scrub out the barrel several times. This has to be done every time you’re cleaning the gun.  Once the barrel is clean, you’ll want to replace the bore brush with a patch holder, as this will need to be run in and out repeatedly until clean.  Afterward, use a flashlight to look inside the barrel to see if there’s anything else such as fouling inside. It’s important to constantly clean it until it’s spotless. You should always clean your firearm before storing it, as this will make it last longer, work more effectively, and it’s less dangerous.

Why Do I Have to Clean My Gun So Often?

Whenever a gun is fired, it leaves residue. This residue will eventually build up within the barrel and cause corrosion. Not only will this heavily damage your handgun, but it could also make your handgun dangerous to use. So it’s best to thoroughly clean out your handgun regularly. Even if you hardly use your handgun, it’s still best to clean it regularly to help your handgun last for years to come. You should always clean it immediately before storing it.

Be sure to properly lubricate your handgun after each cleaning. The amounts you’ll need and where you’ll need to place it will also heavily depend on what type of handgun that you’re using.